IPFWatch.com is a Powerlifting news website dedicated to reporting:

  • Major competition results
  • Athlete’s training progress
  • Business updates
  • Exclusive interviews

..all from those within the International Powerlifting Federation and its derivatives.

We only report on Raw/Classic Powerlifting within the IPF because it is the most prominent and fastest growing form of Powerlifting at the moment, and it keeps the information on the website clear and focused. However, we have the utmost respect for other forms of Powerlifting and other federations alike.

Our aims are to increase the availability of information about the on goings of the IPF, to entertain, and to stimulate connectivity between fans and competitors.

One of our main features aside from our articles and interviews is our Lifters section, providing a database of the most competitive Raw/Classic lifters in the IPF (since the 2011 weightclass change), each with their own Lifters’ profile containing the lifters’:

  • Best known competition lifts
  • Notable achievements
  • Records achieved
  • Social media links
  • Featured videos.

The information in this section is manually researched through international, national and divisional competition results, and is kept as up to date as possible. However, it is possible that some information may not be completely up to date, therefore please feel free to Contact Us if you’ve noticed something incorrect/outdated and we’ll rectify it immediately.

Lastly, we are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the IPF, but simply hope to provide a medium for news within the federation.