Russel Orhii squats 292.5kg a few weeks out from his next meet

Just under four weeks out from his next meet, and about 11 weeks out from USAPL Raw Nationals 2017, 83kg lifter Russel “Russwole” Orhii just squatted 292.5kg at RPE 8:

This is only 6.5kg less than John Haack‘s (USA) current world record of 298kg from IPF World’s 2016, so its more than likely that Russ could have beaten it in the gym this day.

Although a 300kg+ squat from Russ won’t count as an official world record if he posts it at his local meet or at the USAPL Raw Nationals, it’s likely that he’ll take the 83kg open lifter spot for IPF World’s next year to hopefully to make for an epic battle against Brett Gibbs and challenge the records then.

Russ also deadlifted 306.5kg for an RPE 7’ish single recently: well as this 172kg bench single at RPE 8: his training has been going great overall.

Though still a junior lifter, Russ’s good friend and competitor for the 83kg title at the Raw Nationals, Sean Noriega, has also been posting some PRs recently, including this 272.5kg x3 squat:

600×3 PR @ KEMMIN BW 188 #teamjoeyflexx #teamnoriega #rawnationals2017 #potatoeswholift #kissmyarch

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Jon “Deuce” Gruden, the third front runner for the 83kg title and junior World Champion this year, hasn’t posted too much training footage, but did hit a conventional deadlift PR of 288kg (his normal stance is sumo):

Hype was real today with @spaighted_50 .. 635 PR..545×3..495×5.. time to switch this stance up #lightweight #friday

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Despite John Haack‘s absence from USAPL Raw Nationals, the 83kg class is looking likely be the most exciting class yet. Keep an eye on these 83kg boys.


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