Layne Norton Comeback: Competes for the first time since 2015 after injuries

Layne Norton (USA) is a Bodybuilder, scientist, coach and Powerlifter in the 93kg class, famous for his research and knowledge of nutrition in particular. His most notable achievements are:

  • Previously holding the 93kg open world record squat (303kg), set at the 2015 IPF World Classic Championships.
  • Taking home the silver medal in the 93kg division at the World Championships that year.
  • Winning the 93kg division at the 2014 & 2015 USAPL Raw Nationals, after Jesse Norris was disqualified for failing his drug test with a stimulant (in 2015).

After winning the 2015 Raw Nationals, Layne secured himself a spot at the 2016 IPF World Classic Championships, but later dropped out due to hip issues and two herniated discs in his neck. Since then, Layne has been tirelessly attempting to make his comeback, battling more back issues and his neck again. After a one year and nine month absence, Layne has now finally returned to the platform at the Central Florida Open Championships.

Prior to this competition, Layne recently posted this 250kg squat single:

..and this 285kg/ 630lbs deadlift triple at RPE 8-8.5:

630 for 3 at an RPE 8-8.5 feeling meh. Been a long time since doing heavy triples. Gonna take a while to get used to the intensity. People don't realize but lifting, specifically at high intensities is a skill. Being strong on a 10 rep max, does not usually translate to also being strong five rap, threw up, or one rep max. As they are all different skills. Call for the past nine months I've been rehabbing and building up but overall skill set, now this by strength potential is almost fully back, I will focus on getting more specific with my strength training doing higher intensity. This is my first week being coached by @acvargas_tsc and I can already tell you he is the most detail orientated coach I've ever worked with. Should be fun to get a fresh perspective on training. Oh and… 'Merica #avatarnutrition #biolayne #biolaynecomeback #usapowerlifting

A post shared by Layne Norton, PhD (@biolayne) on

Okay so on to the meet itself. Layne teased us about a “surprise” on his Instagram story about 24 hours prior to this competition, and when he revealed he was going to compete again, people got very excited.

Naturally, Layne lifted conservatively at this meet (as you would want to after a nearly two year hiatus), and closed off his squats with an easy 260kg at RPE 6.5-7:

Although this is 43kg below his best as he states in his post, this puts him in good stead for the future. Layne also stated in his post that he intends to compete at the USAPL Raw Nationals this coming October. Exciting stuff.

On to bench, 155kg moved easily:

..and finally, Layne pulled 300kg in the deadlifts to secure a 715kg total and the win in the 105kg class at the meet:

Although he competed in the 105’s, we’re not sure if Layne plans to go back down to the 93’s after this meet or stick it out in the 105’s at this point, although it would make sense if he drops to the 93’s.

The USAPL Raw Nationals is only about three months away, so its unlikely Layne will challenge his fellow American 93kg lifters, LS McClain (who is now world champion) or David Ricks, for the top spot so soon after coming back. We’re also not too sure whether Jesse Norris will be competing, as he’s still dealing with back and shoulder issues, but the 93kg class (assuming he goes back down) will be in for a stir as Layne’s lifts progress back to his old levels and beyond, hopefully injury free.


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