Yu-Yu Ren Deadlifts 338kg/ 745lbs @ 83kg in training

Up-and-coming lifter, Yu-Yu Ren (USA), just posted this insane 338kg/ 745lbs deadlift in training, two weeks out from his next meet at the USAPL California State Games on July 16th:

The current word record deadlift in the 83kg division is 325kg held by Robert Mihaylov (BUL), an M1 lifter, set at the IPF World Classic Championships only a few weeks ago – so this pull is 13kg above that. Ulan Anuar (KAZ) also matched the same 325kg pull to win the 83kg Open division at World’s few days later, beating Brett Gibbs (NZL), however did not set a new record. 

Although Yu-Yu was pulling on a less-stiff than an IPF approved competition bar with steel plates, this still puts him in good stead to crush the world record at his upcoming meet. However, it will unfortunately not become an official world record as it is not an international competition.

According to Yu-Yu’s USAPL database profile, his best competition lifts are a 200kg squat, 140kg bench and 282.5kg deadlift. However this is from almost exactly a year ago, at the 2016 California State Games, and his training numbers have well exceeded this that since then.

He recently posted this 3×3 @ 227kg/ 500lbs squat footage:

…as well as this 3×3 @ 143kg/ 315lbs bench, followed by a single at 152kg/ 335lbs:

Yu-Yu is certainly an up-and-coming lifter in the 83kg division, and could potentially give his USA competitors, John Gruden, Sean Noriega and Russel Orhii (RIP John Haack from USAPL for now) a run for their money at the USAPL Raw Nationals later this year.

We’ll be on the lookout to see how he performs at this meet, and hope he does indeed compete at the USAPL Raw Nationals to make for an even more exciting and stacked 83kg class. 

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