Yangsu Ren Deadlifts 332.5kg for an unofficial world record @ 83kg

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about Yangsu “Yu-Yu” Ren deadlifting a huge 337.5kg unofficial 83kg world record in the gym in the lead up to the USAPL California State Games. Now he just posted a 332.5kg pull at the meet, unofficially beating the world record by 7.5kg, held by Robert Mihaylov (BUL), from the M1 83kg division at the IPF World Classic Championships this year.

Yangsu went 9/9 at the meet, hitting this 240kg squat:

Went 3/3 on squat and finished with a new meet squat PR of 529.1lb/240kg 💪💪💪 #pandapower Bench time!

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..this 150kg bench:

Went 3/3 on bench and finished with a new meet bench PR of 330.7lb/150kg 💪💪💪 #pandapower Deadlift time!

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..and finally of course, this 332.5kg deadlift with a very tough fight at the lockout:

Weighing in at 81.1kg, this gave him a 722.5kg total and 489.1 Wilks score.

Yangsu’s total will be a bit behind the absurdly competitive 83kg class at the USAPL Raw Nationals later this year, including Sean Noriega, Jon Gruden and Russel Orhii (John Haack won’t be competing). However, we look forward to seeing how his total builds up over time, if he can officially break the American record at the USAPL Raw Nationals, and extend his unofficial world record.

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